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19 Simple Baby Girl Names That Pack A Big Punch

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Choosing a baby name isn’t easy. For some a baby girl names come easy, and baby boy names are hard. Others really want to make sure they’re choosing names that are pretty gender neutral and many other factors that must hit to find their perfect name. There is so much that goes into a name — it’s one of the first things people know about you. It’s one of the first ways we make a first impression, and some people believe you can tell a lot about a person’s personality from their name. (You know… Karen… or Becky… those probably strike a picture of an adult you know with those names).

Here are 19 baby girl names that are short, sweet, and pack a big punch:

1. Ally

There are a few different ways to spell this name, pronounced like “al ee,” this is a cute name that could be a full name, or just a nickname. According to BabyCenter, the name means “noble” or “light” and is of German origin.

2. Anya

There is so much about this name that just makes it pretty. It sounds good rolling off the tongue and it’s the perfect balance between unique yet not too out there.

3. Asia

There are many people who take inspiration for their baby names from places around the world. This is one that’s gorgeous and doesn’t scream OMG you named your kid after that, while still having a flair there.

4. Ava

It’s hard to come up with a baby name that has only three letters, is feminine, easy to spell, and sounds really classy. When we hear this name, we realize that yeah, that’s going to be good for someone when they’re trying to spell their name for kindergarten.

5. Bay

Nickname or not, Bay is something that shouldn’t be over looked. If you’re a fan of nicknames instead of full names, this one is a beautiful mix of masculine and feminine.

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6. Cara

These names with the duplicating vowel are just always so pretty sounding. They’re the best way to make a name cute, short, but powerful, too.

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7. Della

This is one of the cutest names we’ve ever heard. It’s one of those that sound super classic and feminine, but has a uniqueness to it. According to SheKnows, the baby name Della has “been used commonly as an independent name since the late 19th century.”

8. Iris

This name gives old school feel to it and seriously those names are classic for a reason. We really do need to be using them more often.

9. Isla

This name kind of looks like a few letters were left off the end of it, but it’s gorgeous the way it is. According to BabyCenter, the name does mean Island, which is why it looks like those letters are missing. Isla as a baby name is a lot more popular in the past few years than before, now sitting in spot #70.

10. Jolie

Sure, it might be most popularly known right now as a last name, but it’s not stuck to be only used like that. Seriously, how cute is this as a first name?

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11. Juno

OK, so the name probably automatically makes you think of that movie with the same name where the person does something that was probably not the best timing given they were in high school. But, super cute name, anyway.

12. Luz

Luz is not a baby name you hear too often, which makes it pretty special in my books. Urban Dictionary gives the best definition of a girl with the name Luz, “She can be really nice unless you mess with her, you’ll end up regretting it”

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13. Mara

Mara isn’t a super popular name hitting at number 618 in the baby name chart in 2018, according to BabyCenter. But the name has a great reputation with Urban Dictionary saying, “This girl is someone you can trust and talk to. She is sooo beautiful in the inside and out. If you meet her get to know her. Before you know it you’ll already want to be her best friend.”

14. Misha

This Russian name can be used for any gender and according to SheKnows, “People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.”

15. Nell

Yes, there’s a movie with this name. And yes, it’s still amazing.

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16. Nora

Classic name and we can’t get enough of it. You know when you hear the name Nora that she’s going to be some badass awesome you don’t want to mess with.

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17. Oria

Many parents are fans of names that are as unique as their kid. If you are trying to steer clear of names that are on any top 100 list, this is a great choice.

18. Sana

This name isn’t common and to be honest, we’re not sure why. Sana is perfection and has such a good ring to it.

19. Zara

It’s rare to find a name that starts with a Z and is short, sweet, and pretty. Zara hits all on that must have list.

Do you have a favorite short baby girl name? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below!

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